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  • Q What should i do if i can not choose the correct skin color/hair color?

    Please don't worry about the colors, if you can not find your color, you can choose the similar color and write down your color on the comment box. Artist will make your bobblehead  hair/eyes color according to your statement and picture. Artists are professional, they would judge the colors.
  • Q Will you inform me when you ship my bobblehead?

    Yes, when we complete your bobblehead we will update the state of your order - from processing to complete. At the same time, our website system will send you an email with the detail of shipment - tracking site and tracking number for you to check it out.
  • Q How long must i wait for my bobblehead?

    -Normal production time : 15-20 days
    -Rush order can turnaround 7 days, but need to get your the fast feedback on the proofs, and need to pay for the rush cost.
  • Q What is the shipping method do you use?

    A We use fast express-DHL
  • Q What is the proof stages for each bobblehead?

    Normally there are three proof stages for each order - Head Proof, Body Proof and Finished
    Proof. We will send the Head Proof to our customers after erery stage completed.
    a.Head Proof - Head proof is the most important and crucial for the whole bobblehead. So
    please pay more attention on this stage. To start with, our talented sculptor make the head in
    detail to resemble your primary photo and send you the first proof. You can make any change to
    features like nose, mouth and eyes, hair color and skin color etc.And our sculptor will change
    the head according to your comment and then send you the proof again until you are satisfied
    with it. Once you approve it we will bake the head and no change is allowed.
    b.Body Proof - In this stage, our sculptor make the bobblehead body to resemble the model you
    choose and send you the proof. You will be able to make any changes to body. Our sculptor will
    change the head according to your comment and then send you the proof again until you are
    satisfied. Once you approve the item we will bake the body and no further change can be made.
    c.Finished Proof - With your approval for the head and body, we will mounte the head on the
    body with a spring so that the head can be bobbling. In this stage, most customers are happy
    and approve their doll to have it shipped. If you are not satisfied with the finished proof,
    we have to re-sculpture and additional $30 would be charge.
  • Q What kind of payment method do you accept?

    A We mainly accept Paypal for payment. In addition, you can also pay by credit card which will processing within Paypal operation interface to complete the payment.
  • Q What if I don't like my bobblehead? Do you offer refunds?

    A Yes. We will refund your money if you decide at any time during the creation process (pre-shipping) that you don’t like your bobbleheads.We will refund your money if you decide at any time during the creation process (pre-shipping) that you don’t like your bobblehead.Only a 50% cancellation fee applies to avoid non-serious “fun orders”. No refunds are possible after you have approved and received your bobblehead. 
  • Q What materials are used?

    All of our materials are guaranteed to be extremely durable, non-toxic and certified in accordance with the highest possible industry standards. 
    Polymer Clay - the color is the clay so the final product is actually brighter, true 3D likeness.
    Resin-Strong material, baked and hardened  - any one of our timelines can be used .
  • Q Please send the photos and requestments to below email directly.

    A Email :
  • Q I am ordering a set number of custom bobbleheads - can I get a discount?

    Yes, we appreciate you for bulk order and we supply discount price for bulk order.
     Please contact us for more details.
     Email :
  • Q How much will my bobbleheads cost?

    - Generally our single bobbleheads dolls start at $69,couple dolls at $164.
      But sometimes we would launch a preferential price activity, price will lower than $69. So the earlier you order, the more you save.
      - A few of the more intricate dolls
       (custom-body doll, car, motorcycle, pet) are more expensive.
      - Other suppliers will charge for changing the outfitting and pose,
       we do this all for free,but this change need to state in the comment box when you fill in your order details on our store.
       or send message to our Email : within 2 hours after order placed.
  • Q Can you make the bobblehead in accordance with my demand?

    Yes, we are focus on the needs of our customers and we can fully make the bobblehead as per your request. Please feel free to contact us and advise your requirement. Our talented
    sculptors can make the bobblehead as long as you can imagine. Or you can place your order with the model of Fully Customized. You imagine it, we can make it.
  • Q Can I see the proof before my bobblehead made?

    Yes! Every stage, we would send proof to you confirm before we finish your bobblehead.We would send head proof, body proof and final proof.
    After head and body proofs approved,we would attached the head into the body to complete the bobblehead, and then send the final proof to you confirm before we ship your bobblehead to you!
    So please don't worry about the effect.And at the proofing stages,unlimited change request until you are satisfied with your bobblehead.
  • Q How it works-Order Process

    Order Process
    1.Choose your preferred Body Style (Body & Pose as Shown on website or Fully   Customized)
    2.Email us the skin color, eyes color, hair color and other requestments.
    Email :
    3.Confirm your order and pay for it.
    4.Provide us with at least 2 photos: Clear, Straight front and Side photos. (If you want to change the body pose or clothing, please provide us your pose or clothing photos, free of charge.)
    5.Free of charge adding logos.If you need to add the logo on the shirt or base, please send to our email.
    6.Proof confirm(Custom Bobbleheads Free proofing until you are satisfied!)
     We would send head and body and final proofs to you confirm.
     (1).If you are satified with the proof, please said"APPROVED".
     (2).If the proof is not ok, please said "Denied", and tell us what need to change.
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